Kate does Topshop

While the whole nation is on ‘bump watch’ as Kate Middleton moves in to her final trimester, I have been drooling over some of the beautiful designer gowns she has been wearing throughout her pregnancy. Luckily I didn’t have any gala dinners with the Queen or meetings with the President to attend and there were no photographers camped outside waiting to pap me in my maternity leggings and converse (unless you count the creepy man across the road). None the less I still wanted to look good and feel comfortable throughout my pregnancy without looking like a beach whale.

After browsing at a few pics of Kate I have noticed she has been wearing quite a few Topshop dresses recently, I have to say Topshop was a godsend while I was pregnant.  I didn’t buy too much from the maternity range as I found it a little expensive for items that I would only be wearing for a few months. I did buy a few pairs of their maternity jeans but I did find they did go quite saggy on the bum and didn’t wash very well. Post baba I have also bought a few pairs of their Leigh jeans, these are slightly high waisted so great for tucking my jelly belly in to! Just make sure you team them with a long top to cover the weird denim bulge!

The one thing I did invest in from Topshop was smock style dresses, these were great for the early days when I was trying to hide my tiny bump and as I got bigger there was still plenty of room. They were also great for disguising my saggy belly after baba was born and I can still wear them now and don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. They look great with a pair of thick opaque tights and brogues then you can be brave and go bare legged with a nice pair of ballet pumps for the summer (or those few days in July).

Kate has worn two of the dresses I have; I think she may have spotted me at The Trafford Centre in them. Firstly this lovely little black dress with a white peter pan collar which I wore with flats while pregnant, I then wore it for my first night out in heels post baba with a pair of very attractive shaping tights! I teamed my dress with a necklace to dress it up a little but it looks just as pretty on its own.


Peter pan collar dress, Topshop £46

photo (1)

Another dress she wore for her trip to the Warner Brother’s  studio opening  was this pretty polka dot dress, I think they do a maternity version but I just bought this in a size up so had plenty of room for bump and boobs! I like it with a little leather biker and flats then it can be dressed up with a blazer and heels a la Kate…


Some other pretty dresses from toppers, all at reasonable prices as you will definitely get your wear out of them. Long live the smock!


Not quite a smock but nice and floaty for hiding belly and hips. £46


Love this colour for the summer and elastic can sit above your bump, bargain at £29!



Keeping Boots in business…

Last night while doing my usual bed time ritual it occurred to me that I am using around 8 different lotions and potions on my body, a little excessive maybe?

I’ve always been on the larger side on the boob front however this pregnancy created two bouncing milk monsters and it didn’t end there. Pre bump I was always a healthy size ten and was lucky to stay pretty trim on my arms and legs but out of nowhere came this arse that would give Beyonce a run for her money. Then the thighs went, followed by my hips and don’t even get me started on my chin. I tried to stay as active as possible during my pregnancy, I went swimming and did some yoga but there came a point where I just honestly couldn’t be bothered moving off the sofa. Philip, Holly and a packet of hobnobs was all I was looking for towards the end.

After the birth I managed to lose a bit of my weight through breastfeeding and was quite lucky to get back to a size 12 quite quickly, I think it might have had something to do with me not eating breakfast until 2pm and living off coffee for 5 months.

The stretch marks got me big time, I had a massive meltdown in Zara one day when I had a 360 view in the mirror and was horrified at the pale saggy body looking back at me. This was when I decided I needed to firm up and fast, it was only a few months until our holiday and I don’t think my skinny jeans would work for around the pool.

Throughout my pregnancy I used good old Bio oil, Palmers coca butter and some lovely Mamma Mio products recommended by a friend. But my obsession for operation yummy mummy didn’t end there. So off I went to boots being sucked in by advertisements promising to firm me up, zap that fat and turn me in to a beach goddess in 30 days. I now have a twice daily ritual of lathering on these lotions and standing in front of the mirror looking like a wet seal while they work their magic.

I often think if I just cut the caffeine and junk from my diet, drank more water and hit the gym on a regular basis it might save me more money and the total rigmarole of having to slap this rubbish on my body twice a day. On the other hand I have around a million Boots advantage card points and know the woman on the beauty counter by her first name. Totally worth it.


My name is Kimberley and I’m a yummy mummy.

It sounds ridiculous said out loud so please don’t judge me when I tell you that I say this every morning to myself when I wake up. It has become my mantra as well as a ‘thinspiration’ pic of a Victoria Secrets model stuck to my bedroom mirror.

This is my journey through motherhood attempting to be a cool modern mummy with a bit of fashion, celeb gossip and baby stuff thrown in.
Enjoy. X