Mini milestone

We hit a bit of a milestone with Baba last week, no he’s not talking or doing long multiplication but he is now officially a front facing pram rider!

In my eyes this is a HUGE deal.

As much as I’m sure he just loves to look at my big cheesy grin all day it felt only fair after 7 months to let him face the big bad world.

The change went well as we were at The Trafford Centre and I had Mr A with me who could do little dad runs in front of the pram to check that his head hadn’t fallen off or he had picked up a Jimmy Choo display shoe in Selfridges. Babba loved it, he’s a real sociable baby and loves to people watch so he was in his element looking at all the shoppers and window displays.

Here is the little dude enjoying his new perspective! I think a rear view mirror would be ideal so I can keep an eye on the little scamp!


Operation ‘Fit for frocks’

I write this from the bathtub where I have come to hide from all the mirrors in my house. 

While we were moving house we stored some boxes at my parent’s house which my dad dropped off this morning. As I opened each box it was like Christmas morning, beautiful summer dresses, expensive shoes, bikinis, fancy underwear and handbags I had completely forgotten about. 
With our holiday in two weeks I quickly stripped down to my underwear in front of the giant mirrored wardrobe and began trying on various day/evening looks for the holiday. 
My excitement of discovering the garments was short lived when I nearly pulled off a chunk of under arm skin trying to zip up a dress.
Ouch…lets try another. That one was always a little snug.
Next one.
Shit, it must have shrunk in the wash.
How about this. …Jesus. Must be the bra I’m wearing. 
Ooo I love this one. Wait, think I borrowed this off my size 8 friend. 
Here we go. Ah perfect. Hold on. This is a maternity dress.
 *cue massive tantrum where head gets stuck in said dress, I get a massive sweat on and nearly knock myself out on giant mirrored wardrobe trying to climb out of it*
After my traumatising try on I decide to head down to the kitchen where I do a minesweep of all fatty foods I can find and place them in a big bag which I will get Mr A to hide from me later.  
I can’t help but think I may have left this weight loss malarkey a little late but I just love food and am far too busy/can’t really be bothered to go to the gym. So my next mission is planning just how exactly I plan to loose this weight in two weeks- Google will know…
”how much weight can you lose in 2 weeks”
I have so far come up with the following ideas;
Live on broccoli and celery and exercise for two hours a day. This wouldn’t work for a number of reasons including the fact that I hate both of these things and I’m too lazy to go to the gym. 
Special K diet; Drop a dress size in two weeks if I replace my breakfast and lunch/dinner with those cardboard pieces drenched in that red top milk that tastes like cloudy dish water. No, too much commitment. 
Cabbage soup diet; Tried this in school with my girlfriends. I lasted 6 hours before the bottom burps kicked in and it made me vom. 
For round the pool I could just wear my skinny jeans, vintage rock band tee and a trilby. People might think I’m Kate Moss??
I’m literally in a state of panic as I either need to be disciplined and commit to something or invest in a new summer wardrobe which I’m sure Mr A would love (I’ve already gone overboard on Baba’s summer clobber and apparently I have plenty of nice dresses I can take. By this he means those vile maxi dresses that I wore throughout my pregnancy which made me look like a 5 man tent.) 
So I’ve decided on cutting out carbs/junk food/wine/caffeine (Things I love more than my husband) and that I will commit to at least 20 mins of ‘light exercise’ a day  in the hope I might shift a couple of inches. 
To celebrate my new plan of action or ‘Operation fit for frocks’ as I like to call it; I am cooking a ‘last supper’ if you will which will be packed full of all my favourite things and polished off with a bottle of plonk. 
The hard work starts tomorrow. 

Oscar’s naming day…

Oscar William was officially named on Saturday 11th May at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. We have never been a religious family so we decided on a Humanist naming ceremony as we wanted to make it personal and meaningful to us. We had a really lovely celebrant who came to the house to meet us so she could get a better understanding of our family values and what hopes and aspirations we have for Oscar. She wrote the most wonderful script and I found some readings that would be read by myself and some close friends. I found this one to read on behalf of myself and Mr A, I think it really captured everything we hope and wish for Oscar and it certainly got a few tears from everybody!

I want you to be happy

I want you to be happy. I want you to fill your heart with feelings of wonder and to be full of courage and hope.

I want you to have the type of friendship that is a treasure – and the kind of love that is beautiful forever. I wish you contentment: the sweet, quiet, inner kind that comes around and never goes away.

I want you to have hopes and have them all come true. I want you to have a real understanding of how unique and rare you truly are. I want to remind you that the sun may disappear for a while, but it never forgets to shine. May the words you listen to, say the things you need to hear. And may a cheerful face lovingly look back at you when you happen to glance in your mirror.

I wish you the insight to see your inner and outer beauty. I wish you sweet dreams. I want you to have times when you feel like singing and dancing and laughing out loud. I want you to be able to make your good times better and your hard times easier to handle. I wish I could find a way to tell you – in untold ways – how important you are to me.

Of all the things I’ll be wishing for, wherever you are and whatever I may do, there will never be a day in my life when I won’t be wishing for the best… for you.

Instead of god parents we had to choose ‘guide parents’ who would play a part in the ceremony and of course be acknowledged as playing a big part in Oscar’s life. We have some amazing friends so really found this part difficult, although we were pleased with our choices in the end and they even got to pledge to Oscar that they will always be there to support him on his adventure through life!

The celebrant encouraged us to pick a few pieces of music for during the ceremony. One song that we both decided on straight away was The Beach Boys ‘God only knows’ which was the song Oscar was born to! (More about my awesome birth in another post!) We also love The Carpenters ‘Close to you’ and thought it would be nice to end the ceremony with a bit of Stevie Wonder ‘You are the sunshine of my life’ – a classic.

I decorated the room and outdoor terrace with these beautiful paper pompoms that I found online, they came flat packed then I spent about a week pulling them all apart to hang and tie throughout the room.  I also found cute little jam jars which I filled with fresh flowers for on the tables, the place looked so pretty and we were even lucky enough to have some sunshine in the afternoon!

We also liked the idea of a wish tree (which we recycled from our wedding!) the idea was for all our guests to write a wish or a top tip for Oscar which he can then read on his 18th birthday. We decorated it in the colours of the French flag, a nod to our love of all things Parisian and we certainly had some fun reading them the next day.

The ceremony was just perfect; I just about managed to get though my reading without sobbing my heart out although it was a struggle at times! Everyone smiled, laughed and cried then as the ceremony came to a close we all raised a glass to toast our family and the children all blew bubbles which was a lovely touch.

We then went on to have champagne and afternoon tea on the terrace then there was lots of catching up with friends and family who had travelled from all over the country for Oscar’s special day. Oscar got given some wonderful gifts and we have some brilliant pictures and memories that we can share with Oscar once he is old enough.

I certainly recommend the Humanist Society if you are looking for a non-religious ceremony, they we able to capture everything we wanted for the day and it was great to be able to share our love for Oscar with our family and friends through the voice and ideas of the celebrant.

Thank you to all our family and friends for making it such a brilliant day, you’re ace!

Only thing is we will have keep up tradition and have one for the next baby! Ah well, I do love a good party!



Part one…

After our amazing engagement in Paris we enjoyed a lovely Christmas together and I was in full wedding planning mode. I had spreadsheets coming out of my ears and would wake up in the night in a cold sweat worrying about wedding centrepieces, I was loving it.

In the February of 2011 I realised I was a little late and after doing a pregnancy test at work in the toilet I discovered I was pregnant. I waited until we were half way home stuck in traffic to drop the bombshell on Mr A, he was just as surprised as I was.  We were due to get married in 6 months and all I could think about was how my beautiful dress would look terrible with a bump! This was followed by other shockingly selfish thoughts like;
My hen party in Ibiza is going to be really dull.
I’m not going to be able to drink champagne on my wedding day.
We are not going to be able to have the honeymoon I have dreamed of.
We didn’t speak about it that night. The next morning after a very restless nights sleep I turned to Mr A and told him how happy I was to be pregnant and how special it would be to get married knowing I have a little life growing inside me. Those selfish thoughts were a million miles away and we couldn’t be more excited. We hugged and started discussing baby names, this was perfect.
In the weeks that followed I changed the size of my wedding dress from a size 8 to a 12, changed plans for my hen holiday to Ibiza which myself and my bridesmaid decided would be a relaxing chilled holiday where I would float around the pool while my friends drank my share of the rum. Then planned to moved from our flat to a bigger house with a garden.
All a little premature but I didn’t care, I was just so swept up in the excitement and thoughts of how in 7 months I would have the prefect little family I has always dreamed of that it didn’t occur to me that anything could go wrong.
Apart from being an emotional  wreck and napping at every available second the first few weeks seemed to be going ok. One night when we were due to have an evening out with friends I noticed I was bleeding, so after a quick google search and a call to NHS direct we found it could be a number of things and I was to just keep an eye on things. Looking back now after going through another pregnancy I think I knew that something wasn’t right.
My ten week scan was due the following week but the early pregnancy unit brought me in for a scan straight away. I think I knew as soon as I arrived that it wasn’t going to be good news, no heartbeat could be found but we were told to leave it another week until my scheduled scan as it could just be too early and my dates could be wrong. As soon as we left the hospital I knew that it wasn’t wrong dates, I had miscarried and we were devastated.
In the next week all I could think about was the horrible thoughts I had at the start of the pregnancy. Had I wished for it to go away so I could enjoy my wedding and was I being punished for being so selfish?
After what felt like the longest week ever I returned to the hospital for the conformation that I had a miscarriage. Another opinion was needed as things didn’t look normal , there were other clots and the newly qualified radiographer hasn’t seen anything like this before. After more tests and a scan from a specialist it was confirmed that I had a molar pregnancy and I was sent home with a date for an operation to remove it.
We went home confused and emotional and made the stupid mistake of doing a google search on ‘Molar pregnancy’ we discovered loads of information and some really helpful websites but the few things that really stood out for me were;

A Parisian proposal

My obsession for all things Parisian started when I did a French exchange trip aged 13. Whilst all the other kids were off riding the teacups at Euro Disney I was more interested in visiting the Eiffel tower and walking the streets of Paris taking in all the sights, smells and the general coolness of the place.

My favourite trip to Paris was in November 2011 when I was lucky enough to stay at Hôtel Plaza Athénée (those Sex and the city fans will recognise it from the final episode!) Our room had views of the Eiffel tower on one side and Chanel, Dior and Gucci on the other, I was in heaven and had my very own Carrie Bradshaw moment!

We spent our first day doing all the sights taking the standard tourist snaps, lunch on the Champs Elysée eating too many macaroons, drinking too many espressos and drooling over the bags in Chanel.  Back at the hotel after a busy day and a red nose from the biting cold, I suggest room service and browse through the French TV channels however Mr A had other ideas.

We started with cocktails in the hotel bar, followed by dinner at The Ritz where I had a bit of a Pretty Woman moment (not the prostitution bit, cutlery confusion and questionable table etiquette) After sampling the overpriced cocktails at The Ritz bar we returned back to the hotel, a little boozy and stuffed from al the amazing rich food we had devoured. Ready to hit the hay Mr A invites me out on to the balcony for a cheeky glass of champers, which at first I politely decline (was just about to take my make up off and slip into my jammies).

As I step out and feel the cold on my bare feet, the Eiffel tower is glistening in the background and the snow starting to fall Mr A drops to one knee. It couldn’t have been more perfect, lots of tears and hugs followed and as we stumble back inside to the warm, I high five Mr A on the most amazing night and beautiful proposal. The boy did good!

Some of my favourite things about Paree!

The coffee shops and sitting outside drinking too many espressos watching the world go by sat behind a chain smoking German who decides to share his bottle of red with you.

Stumbling across an old bookshop that smells funny and the owner tries to make conversation but my French isn’t quite good enough so I leave with just a bookmark.

Spending the whole day walking round taking in every sight and doing the textbook tourist snaps even though I have seen it all a million times before.

Falling asleep back at the hotel and missing our dinner reservation but then deciding to have a late night stroll where we discover new streets and pretty little gardens.

I can’t wait to take Oscar to Paris and experience the city with a baby, I’m looking forward to showing Oscar where his Mummy and Daddy got engaged and if he’s lucky we might even have a ride on the teacups at Euro Disney.

I’m reading this in between Oscar napping, hoping to pick up some inspiration from the Parisian mummies, more posts to follow when finished!

Bon weekend x

Eeek it’s bikini time…

So I’m on my three week holiday countdown now and have finally come to the conclusion that I’m not going to loose any more weight before the flight departs. I still have copious amounts of cake left from the naming ceremony and its my birthday this weekend so there seems to be no point in even trying. I’m embracing the wobbly bits and just looking forward to a bit of sunshine.  I’m still slathering on my lotions and potions and currently on day 5 of the 30 day squat challenge but I’m not holding my breath that I’ll look like a Pussycat Doll come June.

One thing I have struggled with is getting rid of my jelly belly so I was planning on avoiding a bikini this summer. I’ve always worn a onepiece for the gym but don’t think my Adidas racer back cossie would look quite as stylish round the pool. Luckily the onepiece has made a bit of a comeback so you don’t have to pay a visit to M&S for a secret support zero sex appeal costume.
I bought this little number from Topshop, a little pricey at £30 but it seems most high street shops don’t sell swimsuits but tiny pieces of material to cover your modesty that will give you some seriously funky tan lines.
This seemed to be the only one that would keep all my lumps and bumps covered while still attempting to look a little stylish. It’s pretty boobalicious which my husband loves but not sure how practical it will be when I’m chasing Oscar round the pool with the factor 50.  If I was in Ibiza with the girls id probably add some jewellery and a floppy hat but I think the only accessory I’ll be sporting is a hot cranky baby and a packet of Cheetos.
Topshop £30

Topshop £30

One thing I did invest in purely for the privacy of our hotel balcony is this fruity little number,  I just couldn’t resist and a bargain at £15.99 from H&M.

H&M £15.99

H&M £15.99

See you by the pool…