A Parisian proposal

My obsession for all things Parisian started when I did a French exchange trip aged 13. Whilst all the other kids were off riding the teacups at Euro Disney I was more interested in visiting the Eiffel tower and walking the streets of Paris taking in all the sights, smells and the general coolness of the place.

My favourite trip to Paris was in November 2011 when I was lucky enough to stay at Hôtel Plaza Athénée (those Sex and the city fans will recognise it from the final episode!) Our room had views of the Eiffel tower on one side and Chanel, Dior and Gucci on the other, I was in heaven and had my very own Carrie Bradshaw moment!

We spent our first day doing all the sights taking the standard tourist snaps, lunch on the Champs Elysée eating too many macaroons, drinking too many espressos and drooling over the bags in Chanel.  Back at the hotel after a busy day and a red nose from the biting cold, I suggest room service and browse through the French TV channels however Mr A had other ideas.

We started with cocktails in the hotel bar, followed by dinner at The Ritz where I had a bit of a Pretty Woman moment (not the prostitution bit, cutlery confusion and questionable table etiquette) After sampling the overpriced cocktails at The Ritz bar we returned back to the hotel, a little boozy and stuffed from al the amazing rich food we had devoured. Ready to hit the hay Mr A invites me out on to the balcony for a cheeky glass of champers, which at first I politely decline (was just about to take my make up off and slip into my jammies).

As I step out and feel the cold on my bare feet, the Eiffel tower is glistening in the background and the snow starting to fall Mr A drops to one knee. It couldn’t have been more perfect, lots of tears and hugs followed and as we stumble back inside to the warm, I high five Mr A on the most amazing night and beautiful proposal. The boy did good!

Some of my favourite things about Paree!

The coffee shops and sitting outside drinking too many espressos watching the world go by sat behind a chain smoking German who decides to share his bottle of red with you.

Stumbling across an old bookshop that smells funny and the owner tries to make conversation but my French isn’t quite good enough so I leave with just a bookmark.

Spending the whole day walking round taking in every sight and doing the textbook tourist snaps even though I have seen it all a million times before.

Falling asleep back at the hotel and missing our dinner reservation but then deciding to have a late night stroll where we discover new streets and pretty little gardens.

I can’t wait to take Oscar to Paris and experience the city with a baby, I’m looking forward to showing Oscar where his Mummy and Daddy got engaged and if he’s lucky we might even have a ride on the teacups at Euro Disney.

I’m reading this in between Oscar napping, hoping to pick up some inspiration from the Parisian mummies, more posts to follow when finished!

Bon weekend x


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