Baby stuff

I have never been a massive fan of cot bumpers after reading some articles linking them to SIDS*, so when Oscar made the transition to his big cot I didn’t like the idea of having a bumper. My friend Charlotte told me about  ‘Airwrap’ and I love it…

Airwrap supersedes traditional cot bumpers with its light breathable and padded mesh fabric and allows maximum airflow in the cot while preventing arms and legs from getting between the cot slats. Oscar loves to roll over and I often find him with his face pressed right against the edge of the cot, I may be a little obsessive but I do feel happier knowing if he is close to the bumper that it is breathable and he is in no danger of suffocating. It might not look as good as the traditional bumpers with ties and a pretty pattern but it certainly does the trick.

* this is totally personal preference, I know bumpers work perfectly well for some people and there are so many other factors and studies around the causes of SIDS.






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