Diet and Fitness

This month saw the start of my Mamma Fit pram exercise group in Worsley with the idea being to meet new mummies and get fit at the same time. I have had really good response and met some lovely mummies from my local area and we have managed to do some walking in this glorious weather too. Its great to get out and exercise outdoors but what I really needed was some moral support for exercising as I just couldn’t find the motivation to go to the gym or attempt the mountain of workout DVDs I have purchased (most of them still in their wrappers!).

Now I don’t think these mummies are going to want to meet me every day and hold a gun to my head while I do squats on the local green so I have come up with a fitness routine that can be done around Baba and his ten minute power naps he seems to be doing lately. I have also decided I need to walk at least two miles a day and have been using a brilliant app called ‘Pramometer’  you put in your weight, babies weight and the make and model of your pram and it measures  my pace, distance and calories burned. We did 5.5 miles at Mamma Fit today and I managed to burn over 500 calories (an achievement for me in this heat believe me!)

I have put together my fitness plan after reading a lot about how short but intense workouts, a training concept known as high-intensity interval training, or HIT has been shown to be enough to assist in weight loss if done on a regular basis. I’m going to keep it pretty simple with reps of squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees etc, (oh god) then add in some of the yoga and pilates that I did pre Baba.

Healthy eating has always been a struggle for me too, as a busy mum I was unable to find the time to make a nice lunch and sit down and eat I so would find myself drinking enough coffee to keep me up for days and a chocolate bar to go with it. Baba is being BLW now so is pretty much eating what we eat so we can start to enjoy lunch and dinner times as a family which is great. I am not going to follow any kind of diet but I am going to make sure I am eating a full meal three times a day followed by a healthy snack just like Baba.

One other major downfall with my diet was the cheeky glass of wine after Baba has gone to bed, it used to just be at the weekend but I’ve recently been known to indulge most evenings (in the hot weather the vino has been swapped for a flavoured cider, lush!) and who can have a glass of wine without a bar of chocolate?? (d’ya see what I mean about the will power??) I have now decided to stop the mid week wine and just allow myself a treat at the weekend (oh god). GOOD LUCK KIM.

I’m also not a big fan of ‘weigh ins’ so I have decided to document my progress with photographs (oh god). I will take them at the same time each day wearing the same bikini and hopefully you should be able to see my progress. I have given myself 30 days to start seeing some results and a finish date of September to stop posting semi nude pics of myself online (oh god). This may sound like a crazy idea but I do think it will give me the little push I need to do something about my jelly belly and ever expanding arse.

So the big ‘Jelly belly bye bye’ challenge as I like to call it started today; so far so good on the eating front, we have enjoyed some lovely recipes from the BLW cookbook and I have managed to avoid the sugar and evil carbs. The 5.5 mile walk is enough exercise for today, I’m just dreading Baba going to bed as I can spy a bottle of Riesling chilling in the fridge *ties hands behind back while watching corrie*

Anyway wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side, hopefully looking like a Victoria Secrets model in my bikini (oh god).

If you are interested in following my daily progress with my food and exercise tweets I’m @mammafitworsley


Day one: Wednesday 17th July 2013

Day one: Wednesday 17th July 2013


image (5)








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