Mamma Fit!

This Wednesday will be my first Mamma Fit class that I will be running in my local area. Pram fitness has really taken off in the UK, it doesn’t cost anything and its a great way for new mums to make friends with the added bonus of getting fit in the fresh air.

The idea of starting a class came shortly after I had Baba. I’ve always been quite active and tried my best to keep fit throughout my pregnancy but a few months after having him my motivation went out the window and I found myself constantly moaning about jelly belly and my struggle to become yummy again.
I’ve never been a gym bunny, my gym is full of those women who hog the cross trainers wearing a full face of make up and hair perfectly blown. Im the sweaty beast in my husbands Bon Jovi 88′ tour tshirt trying to work out how to lower my seat on the bikes, It’s not for me.
The group will meet on our local green where I plan to do some power walking to warm up then some static exercises using the prams. I have a background in dance so I’m also hoping to incorporate a few moves to make the class enjoyable although it will be a little strange without music! I’m sure we will have an audience of dog walkers in no time!
I have decided to run the class for free as its not costing me anything and I know new mums have enough cost with other groups and activities. Hopefully  the class will be a success and I won’t be stood in the middle of the green squatting like a mad woman on my own, my sister has already said she will come with a doll in a pram for some moral support!
I’m really looking forward to meeting some new mummies and finally doing something about my baby weight. I hope my post will encourage other mums to start groups in their local area and why not?!  It’s fun, free and a brilliant way to get fit while enjoying the great outdoors!
I’ll report back on Wednesday after the class, wish me luck!